Tick, Flea & Insect Control


Combat and Prevent Lawn Pests With Our Help

Some insects can wreak havoc on your lawn while others can pose serious health risks to you and your pets. One way to limit your exposures to insect-borne diseases and pest-related issues is to hire Lawn Solutions to treat your property line with specialized applications that deter or kill insects and pests.


Tick Prevention

Lyme disease can leave you weakened and bedridden for months on end and the only way to prevent it altogether is to avoid the outdoors. One thing you can do to protect your property's lawn is to have Lawn Solutions spray your property line to prevent ticks from crossing into your yard.
So, to keep yourself, guests, and pets healthy this year, hire Lawn Solutions to spray the perimeter of your property to kill ticks in their tracks before they come near your lawn or home. We offer monthly treatment programs where we come and spray your perimeter once a month from early spring to late fall when ticks are out in full force.


Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is as effective as it is environmentally safe. It involves a series of preventative and managerial steps, as well as common sense practices, all designed to keep your home free of invasive insects. IPMs use comprehensive organism life cycle information and these simple steps to reduce damage to property, harm to humans, and the environment overall. These steps include setting action thresholds, monitoring and identifying pests, preventing them through simple, yet effective means, and taking more control of the issue (should it persist) through hands-on techniques, such as chemicals, trapping, weeding, or pesticides. Lawn Solutions has the knowledge and experience to outline and guide you through this process and give you a healthier property for a longer period of time.

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